Saturday, 30 March 2013

Pain is Temporary, Quitting is Forever

Of many of you know, I've been suffering with IT band issues since August of last year, just after my first 10k race.  The fact that I can't run any further than 3.5k without the knee pain is very fustrating.  There are multiple things that I should be doing.....foam rolling, clam shells, side leg lifts, etc. but it seems to be a vicious circle as I do the exercises and my IT band still gives me issues.  I have my half marathon schedule hanging on my fridge and it haunts me as I look at it and realize that I'm not even near starting as I haven't been running even close to 3 times per week.  I bought a running magazine/book today and one of the main tips for returning after an injury is to remember to ease back into it with the run/walk method.  I feel like I've taken such a large step backwards looking at this training regimen.  Another tip is to forget about distance and just go for time, hitting the road 3 times per week.  I find this a huge challenge with IT band issues...but am going to try.

This is Easter weekend, and the weather has warmed up (finally) and you could smell spring in the air.  The local trail is finally clearing and today was the day that I was going to run it for the first time.  I saw Heather of running past my place and immediately went and changed into my running gear and left the house.  As I hit the trail, I knew it was going to be a wet, muddy run.  Oh well....the price I was willing to pay.

2.5k into the run and I could feel the usual twinge in my left knee that normally would bring me to a halt.  Not I decided I was going to push through it.  So for another 1.5k, I kept saying over and over 'Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.'  It got me through a lot of runs last year, and it's something I rely on.  So I did complete 4.2k, but not without pain.  As soon as I walked through the door, I brought out the foam roller and the advil.  Now I need to apply ice, as walking down the stairs is painful.

So while I say Pain is Temporary.....this IT band pain has definitely decided to stay with me. :-(  I'm considering a technique called dry needling...has anyone had experience with this, good or bad???

On another note, my other running friend Heidi of just finished her first marathon in Oakland, CA.  Check out her blog for the marathon recap of this VERY hilly course. 

Heidi and I at my 10k last year!
And because I won't probably write in the next 2 weeks....Good Luck to Heather as she runs in her first Boston Marathon!!!  You can do it girl!!!!

Well I'm off to ice the knees and hobble around the house. May all of you enjoy pain free running!!!

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  1. Keep going-you can do it! It's funny that I had no idea who Heidi was on that day, lol.