Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cross Training

In every running schedule, there is always at least one day that is labelled 'cross-training'.  In the summertime, this is a rather easy item to riding, swimming, walking in the park (with steep hills), etc.  However in the winter, it's a little more difficult.  A couple of weekends ago, a couple friends and I headed out skating at the local skating oval.  It's the first time I've been on skates in over 10 years I think...and it was nerve racking.  There were young children zipping in and out,  and I had to scratch my head to wonder when I got so timid on ice skates.  Heidi and I made sure we stayed in the 'slow' lane.   Thankfully I wasn't too sore the next day.

Heidi and I in the slow lane (don't ask why my hat is only 1/2 on)

This weekend I volunteered to be part of a curling team in support of a cancer bonspeil.  I am not a curler at all ( I curl once a year at most) but knew it would be a great time with Gina Walsh as skip.  We were facing some pretty competitive teams as we took the ice but were determined to have fun.  I was placed in the 2nd position which I've never played and requires more skill than I have.   But, with Gina's guidance and awesome sweepers, I was able to make this shot.  For all you non-curlers out there...the blue rock was there first, I had to throw the yellow rock so that it would 'curl' around the blue to lay buried behind it. all of you out who are shaking your head right now, curling is a very athletic sport for all those sweeping opportunities.  I am currently hurting in places that I didn't know exist.

I had planned on starting my spring running program tomorrow with +6 temperatures...but right now my legs are hurting from running up and down the ice all day.  This means I'm pulling out my foam roller and spending a lot of time rolling out the IT band tonight.  Does anyone else have IT band issues?  If so...what do you do to combat the problem??  Here are some of the exercises I do:

So that has been my cross training activity in the last couple of weeks.  What do you do for those 'cross training' days in your schedules?

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