Monday, 21 January 2013

2013 Goals

Hello Friends and Family....I'm back.  It's 2013...and that means a new year and new healthy goals.  Last year was a big year for me...I PB'd in my 5k, ran my first 10k, and I started eating a mostly vegan diet (I'm not 100% there...but far from where I used to be).  So what is next?  A 1/2 marathon and a more well rounded exercise least that's the goal.

Since my 10k run in August 2012 I have been struggling with IT pain and frustration whenever I try to run.  Having said that, Sunday was my first run without any pain.  A 3.2k run at a slow pace...but no gives me hope!  I changed my warm up routine a bit with 10 minutes on the bike and then foam rolling...I will repeat next time to see if it works again.

On the weekend, I gathered a couple running friends together and we fed off eachother's excitement about the coming running season.  One friend is running her first marathon in Oakland, CA in March (goooo Heidi) and my other friend is running her 5th in Boston (goooo Heather)!  Listening to the two of them share long run stories and training advice, gave me hope that I could be able to do the 1/2.    Thanks to Heidi also for recommending this blog site.   Stay tuned for my next update.

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