Sunday, 27 September 2015

Rum Runners 2015 Version

Have you ever had one of those days/runs that feel amazing in every sense of the word?  That was mine yesterday!

Let me back up....a couple of weeks ago, Tracey asked if I'd like to run leg #9 of the Rum Runners Relay.  The relay runs from Halifax to Lunenburg, NS...a little over 110km I believe, with 10 separate legs to the race.  Leg #9 runs into my home town of 23 years and I was feeling super nostalgic as I said 'sure'. 

Friday night saw me make some supportive signs for the drive!
Tracey was doing 2 legs and wasn't sure how she'd hold up with minimal training this year...I knew she had it no problem!

Race day arrived and it was beautiful....sunny....cooler temperatures....and a tailwind!!!  Tracey ran leg #8 which was a hilly one.  She killed it!  Her daughter and I would drive along honking the horn and stop at the top of each hill to encourage the runners on.  Tracey said she felt great as she came into the finish.  I want to stop here and just say that Colleen and Andrew (the team leaders) were amazing.  They had cold water, gaterade, chocolate milk, etc ready for each finisher...they were just so supportive of us! 

I registered at the van, used the washroom, and did a few leg swings for good measure and then it was my turn to start.  I was nervous...more nervous than usual as I didn't want to let the team down!  Because I knew this area so well...I knew where the hills were and would be ready!!  I started out at a pretty quick pace and kept telling myself to just stay at a comfortable pace until midpoint...then I could push it if I still felt good.  I think the thing that helped was having so many cars driving just wanted to look strong all the time!!  The route was incredible!  There were only really 2 was pretty quick...the other long and steady...but my pace didn't waiver!  And then it happened....the long downhill into Mahone Bay that I had been waiting for. 
pretty much my view as I ran into town
It was like coming home...running past the 2 past places I used to work....and finishing at the government wharf that I know all too well!  Plus my mom was able to cheer me on as I ran past the 3 churches...she doesn't get to see me race it was so cool having her there cheering!!
If those cars weren't in the way, you'd be able to see
my old house across the water!
That smile is pure joy.  When Andrew and Colleen asked how I like it, I said "I loved was amazing!"  They are signing me up for it again next year.  Some day I will run down around my old house...but this run was pretty darn close to that. 
Tracey grabbed these pics on the long uphill.
I could have kept going yesterday....I know that...and it gives me a boost of confidence heading towards my half in less than a month.  Last night as I soaked in Epsom salts, I looked at my splits.....
I have never been so consistent in my splits over such a long period...I mean...who runs 5 and 5:10 in the last 2 kilometers of a 12k run??  Not me....not before yesterday.  And when doing the math, my 10k time is actually a PB with 55.12....something I never thought I'd see.  This is one race that I want to remember when all those bad days creep up.

Tracey then finished the race by doing leg #10...what a trooper!!  I had to drive us home though...she was barely walking by the end...we runners really put ourselves through some crazy stuff!!

I really can't wait for next year and doing this leg again.  The volunteers and relay organizers put on a fantastic event!!!!

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  1. Great Run! I am so sad to have missed it this year :(