Saturday, 8 March 2014

Arguing with Myself

Today was a heavy training day for me...and what most of my Saturday's will probably look like for a while.  A 5k run with the TTP and then 1000m in the pool.

Today's group run was a little different for me as I shared the load of pushing a baby jogger. Only a stroller I thought as I agreed to help...boy was I wrong.  A 10lb stroller with a 35lb baby = a hard workout....especially when you add hills to your running route!  What was I thinking?
We got to run in the rain today....I forgot that feeling as it's been so cold was a nice reprieve!!

Then I was off to an Epic Race Meeting.  We chatted about logistics, new medal designs, new swim component, etc.  AND I got to play with this little gal for a bit.  She is so absolutely adorable that I wanted to take her home immediately!!!

She looks/feels like a perfect teddy bear
Next was 1000m in the pool.  Man....I wasn't sure about this given I had run this morning, but I gave it a go.  There were so many times that I was arguing with myself.  I'll only do 500m today...NO...that wasn't the plan...okay...I'll only do 750m cause that's what the sprint tri calls for...NO....that wasn't the plan the whole 1000m!  As I reached 750m, I glanced at my watch...I've got a long way to go.  Then I looked when I completed the 1000m....35.26.  This is 5 minutes slower than Wednesday....and admittedly I did stop and talk to G a bit more than I should have....but still good for having run this morning.  I still have a long way to go...and in time...I will get there.

I walk out of the facility, back to my car, and I spot this: 

It's just wrong to have this outside
a sports facility. :-)
And so another little argument breaks out in my head....I would love to have one of you shouldn' just did 1000m in the pool....that means I can have one guilty free....NO...NO...NO!  The no's won out and I drove off without a donut!!!

I'm hoping you are having a fabulous Saturday...pushing your limits...and reaching your goals!!!

How often do you argue with yourself???


  1. It was such great running weather today. Nice job on the workouts!

    1. I loved the sound of the birds as I ran's been way too long since hearing those spring chirps!

  2. Ha ha I "argue" or make deals with myself all the time especially on the long runs! Great work today!

    1. Thanks Crystal...maybe I should try making deals to get through the swims....that might give me incentive!

  3. I argue with myself all the time. It's a constant I'm arguing with myself about running outside in the beautiful weather. Sensible Lis is saying "if you go running too soon you could end up out of commission even longer!" And runner Lis is saying "It's so nice out just give it a try and if it hurts you can always stop and go home!" We'll see who wins...

  4. The puppy is adoooorable!!

    I think moms who run with strollers are hardcore. Seriously, talk about hard work!