Sunday, 12 January 2014

Opitimize & a Great Run

This weekend marked the Optimize Expo here in Halifax.  There were a few people I wanted to link up with so headed down around 11:30.

But let me back up a bit.  Before that, one of the partners of Aerobics First came to chat to the group about proper footwear and other little tidbits.  Luke MacDonald not only passed on valuable information to the group, but he was laugh out loud funny the whole time.  I could have sat and listened to him all morning.
Ready to take in lots of information

Back to the Expo....I think the new venue this year pulled in more participants than it has in the past.  I talked A LOT yesterday.  For people who know me, this is not a large stretch...but those poor people who didn't know me in person...yikes!  LOL  It's funny how social media allows us to think we know people, everyone gave me hugs when I showed up.  LOL
Stacey Chestnutt (Soul Sisters 5k); Tim Chestnutt (Epic Canadian)
Jeff Walsh & Robbie MacDonald from Nova Physiotherapy; Tim Duguay from Run Nova Scotia
In the top photo, Stacey is actually in a lunge position to get down to my level....she is one tall lady.  I was at the expo for 3 hours and saw only these 4 booths.  LOL  Good thing it was day #1 and they had energy to spare.  On my way out, I came across the Studio in Essence booth....with a fitness pole.  Of course I had to try it...I combines some gymnastics flexibility and strength with a pole....that equals fun!!!!
I totally wanted to try other tricks.
 I made some great connections yesterday and hope to work with each of these people in the near future.  Jeff and Robbie are going to do a presentation for the Tundra Pounders and some of our members are going to have their 3D Gait Analysis done.  I love how the newer runners are soaking up all this information like a sponge!!!

Today was Sunday Runday....of course.  The pouring rain stopped this morning and left a nice mild day for a run.  My intention was to do a nice easy 6min/km pace to test out the IT Band and keep a good pace.  Mission accomplished for 1.75km....then I ran into Heather from GirlGoesRunning.  If any of you read her blog, you know...she is speedy lightning fast.  If you don't read it....well you should as she has some great tips and dedication to the sport!!!  Anyways....she was doing her Sunday long run and turned around to run with me.  As I've said in a previous post....this scares the crap out of me.  LOL  I swear I thought I'd be in a lump on the side of the road.  She was good to me though...she slowed down and ran with me for about 2-2.5km.  I'd look at my garmin and she'd ask the pace.  When I answered 5:15/km she was like...want to go faster?  Ummmm....she's secretly trying to kill me.  LOL

But no...she was getting me out of my comfort zone.  Thanks to her...I proved that I can still run at a faster pace.  I was able to hold a semi conversation with her...LOL...which I know means that I still had a bit left in me to give!!!  Sometimes you just need that!!!
I definitely overdressed for the warmer temps but it felt great running with no gloves or yaktrax on my feet....come on spring!!!

I hope each of you have a great week!!!  Take charge and be the best you can be!


  1. I love running with faster friends! They always push you and make you realize what you can really accomplish!

    1. It always makes me nervous at first....but then we start chatting and I forget I'm pushing myself.

  2. Today truly felt like Spring! Great job on your run :)

    1. Thanks. And it did....I can't wait for the longer nights and warmer temps to be here for good!

  3. Awesome job! I definitely overdressed last week, the weather is difficult to dress for, 25-30 in the morning and 70+ in the afternoons! :-)